Budget Office

Meet the Staff

Contact Info

Joan King
Associate Vice President and Chief University Budget Officer
Phone: 509-335-9681
E-mail: joank@wsu.edu

Emily Green
Assistant to the AVP and Chief University Budget Officer
Phone: 509-335-9681
E-mail: ewgreen@wsu.edu

Capital Budget

Deborah Carlson
Capital Budget Director
Phone: 509-335-3344
E-mail: dcarlson@wsu.edu

Carrie Johnson
Capital Budget Analyst/Area Finance Officer
Phone: 509-335-4606
E-mail: c.johnson@wsu.edu

Operating Budget

Kelley Westhoff
Operating Budget Director
Phone: 509-335-0907
E-mail: kwesthoff@wsu.edu

Pete Beeson
Budget Officer
Phone: 509-335-9683
E-mail: beesonp@wsu.edu

Jami Capps
Area Finance Officer
Phone: 509-335-2529
E-mail: jami.capps@wsu.edu

Heather Yockey
Area Finance Officer
Phone: 509-335-7688
E-mail: hyockey@wsu.edu

Chris Jones
Budget/Policy Analyst
Phone: 509-335-9682
E-mail: chris.jones@wsu.edu

Maggie McFadden
Budget/Policy Analyst
Phone: 509-335-1614
E-mail: maggie.mcfadden@wsu.edu

Dave Anderson
Computer Systems Administrator
Phone: 509-335-6829
E-mail: anderson@wsu.edu

Staff Planning

Anne-Lise Brooks
Budget/Policy Analyst
Phone: 509-335-8815
E-mail: adbrooks@wsu.edu

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