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Services and Activities Fees

WSU Vancouver

The WSU Vancouver Services and Activities (S&A) Fees Committee met on March 30, 2012 to discuss and recommend budget allocations for Summer 2012 and Academic Year 2012-2013, following established guidelines.  The recommendations, presented to President Elson S. Floyd on April 9, 2012, were approved by the WSU Board of Regents at their May 4, 2012 meeting.

The allocations to campus groups, considered expenditures of the committee, are outlined in the table below.

Group Allocations
Child Development Program Preschool Tuition Reduction Support $       45,000
WSU Vancouver Community Choir Operating Budget $         3,000
The VanCougar Operating Budget $       55,000*
Salmon Creek Journal Operating Budget $       29,615*
KOUG Radio Operating Budget $       30,000
WSU Vancouver Library Student Printing Subsidy $          8,500
WSU Athletics $       35,000
Counseling Services $       32,164
Undergraduate Student Travel Grant $         8,000
Development and Alumni Relations finals Week Care Packages $         1,000
Career Services $       12,000
ASWSUV Operating Budget $     308,530
Office of Student Involvement Operating Budget $     392,769
ROAR Orientation $       19,000
Graduate Student Travel Grants $       20,000*
Diversity Events and Student Leadership Activities $       17,400
Services and Activities Facilities Committee $     615,651
Funding returned from Services and Activities Facilities Committee ($    155,000)
Estimated Reserve (cumulative unallocated revenue) $       63,958
TOTAL $1,541,587

                           *  Carry forward funds from prior year approved for use during FY12-13 in addition to
                               the amount allocated above.

WSU Vancouver operates a separate S&A Facilities Fees Committee which recommended the following allocations to President Elson S. Floyd.  These allocations were approved by the WSU Board of Regents on May 4, 2012.

I, Firstenburg, Fitness Center, Tahoe Contingency Fund                 
$        11,000
Facilities Operations, Campus Trail Enhancement $        12,000
Facilities Operations, Cougar Pride Days $          2,250
ASWSUV, Student Life Building $      500,000
Development, Light Pole Banners $        15,377
OSI, Fitness Center Bathroom Remodel $        50,000**
OSI, Sports Field Maintenance $        35,934
Subtotal 2012-13 Requests $      626,561
Unallocated Funds $        46,805
TOTAL $   673,366

                           *   In addition to the 2012-13 projects listed above, the committee voted and approved
                               carry forward of funds from past SAFFAC projects that have not not yet been
                               completed. The committee approved that funds be brought forward from FY11-12
                               to complete the following projects: Sport Cour repair, Outdoor Digital Signage, and
                               Public Safety Video Surveillance Cameras. The committee also unanimously aproved
                               returning $155,000 from the past year's carry forward funds to the S&A Fees
                               Committee for reallocation in FY 2012-13.

                           ** Plus, up to $50,000 contingency fund set aside for cost overruns on Fitness Center
                               Bathroom remodel.

More information regarding the WSU Vancouver S&A Fees process can be found here.

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