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Compromise Budget


The proposed compromise 2013-15 biennial operating and capital budgets have passed both the House and Senate and been approved by Governor Inslee.

Operating Budget

Operating Proposals Comparison

The compromise 2013-15 operating budget includes the following major actions:

  • Fully funds the University at the level needed to maintain our programs and services.
  • Prohibits an increase in resident undergraduate tuition rates in FY14.
  • Allocates $15M in new funding to WSU, a significant re-investment in the University.
  • Allocates $6M for expansion of medical education in Spokane and associated biomedical research.
  • Allocates $5.7M for expansion of computer science and engineering enrollments.
  • Adds a new step "M" for classified employees.
  • Directs WSU to reestablish a forestry program within existing resources.
  • Eliminates $3.7M in STARS funding shared by the UW and WSU.
  • Reduces the state employee funding rate for health insurance from $800/mo. to $782/mo. and $763/mo. respectively in each year of the biennium. Wellness and coverage waiver surcharges are implemented in FY15.
  • Provides $36M for College Bound scholarships.


Capital Budget

Capital Proposals Comparison

The compromise 2013-15 capital budget recommendations include:

  • Clean Technology Laboratory building - $50.34M in construction funds and bonding authority for WSU's highest priority. (The request was $55.2M.)
  • Plant Sciences building ($500,000) and the Plant Growth (Greenhouse) Facilities ($225,000) - funds predesign costs for these two facilities.
  • Troy Hall Renovation - $2.02M for design costs. (The request was $4.35M.)
  • Minor Works Preservation - $28.6M.
  • WSU Prosser research station - funding to expand the Viticulture/Enology Facility ($2.79M of $3.5M request) and the Agricultural Technology Building addition ($2.1M of the $2.5M request).
  • Preventative Maintenance & Building System Repairs - $10.115M; continues the transfer of ordinary facility maintenance expenditures from the operating budget to capital fund sources.
  • Everett University Center - $10M.
  • Yakima River Basin Water Study - $300,000.
  • Pullman Pedestrian Bridge - $1.5M.

Overall sources of funding for the capital budget: state, $54.38M; WSU local funds (cash and bonding authority), $54.09M; total $108.47M.

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