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Governor Gregoire Budget


Governor Gregoire released her recommended 2013-15 biennial budget on December 18, 2012.  The Governor's budget is the first step in formulating a budget for the coming biennium. Over the course of the legislative session the House and Senate will each propose biennial budgets. Ultimately, the Legislature will agree to a conference or compromise budget, which will be signed by the respective House and Senate leaders and then sent to the Governor for signature.

  Operating Budget

Governor Gregoire's proposed budget relies on approximately $1.2 billion in new or continuing revenue actions.  In summary, the budget:

  • Assumes no tuition increase for resident undergraduates.
  • Provides $2 million to support enrollment expansion in the College of Engineering during the biennium.  Last year, WSU agreed to increase enrollment by 425 engineering student FTE per year.  These funds will help the "college serve these new enrollments and implement best practices in engineering programs to help meet these targets." 
  • Creates a pool of $11 million for all of higher education, to "compete for state funds to help defray" the high cost of STEM courses.  The Office of Financial Management, OFM, is to receive the applications and determine who will receive additional funds.
  • Adds a new step "M" for classified employees.
  • Eliminates $3.7 million in STARS funding shared by the UW and WSU.
  • Continues to grant authority to the Board of Regents to set tuition rates for all tuition categories. 
  • Renews authority for the Board of Regents to set services and activities fees, special course fees, summer session, and other self-sustaining tuition rates.

Capital Budget

Governor Gregoire's proposed budget actions include:

  • Clean Technology Laboratory building - $53 million in construction funds and bonding authority for WSU's highest  priority.
  • Plant Sciences building ($500,000) and the Plant Growth (Greenhouse) Facilities ($225,000) -   funds predesign costs for these two facilities.
  • Troy Hall Renovation - $4.35 million for design costs.
  • Minor Works Preservation -$31.9 million.
  • WSU Prosser research station - funding to expand the Viticulture/Enology Facility ($3.5 million) and the Agricultural Technology Building addition ($2.5 million).
  • Preventative Maintenance & Building System Repairs - $10 million; continues the transfer of ordinary facility maintenance expenditures from the operating budget to capital fund sources.

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