Washington State University

2017-19 Biennial Budget


Governor Inslee released his recommended 2017-19 biennial budget on December 14, 2016.  The Governor’s budget is the first step in formulating a budget for the coming biennium. The Legislature will convene in January, and over the course of the legislative session the House and Senate will each propose biennial budgets. Ultimately, the Legislature will agree to a conference or compromise budget, which will be signed by the respective House and Senate leaders and then be sent to the Governor for his signature.

Operating Budget

Governor Inslee's operating budget:  

  • Freezes resident undergraduate tuition at 2016-17 rates for both years of the biennium. 
  • Funds $10.0M of WSU’s $10.8M request for funding to support the first class of 60 students at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine beginning fall of 2017.
  • Provides for salary increases for state employees for both years of the biennium.
  • Provides $1.086M in new funds for the study of long- and short-term effects of marijuana use.
  • Provides $1.58M in maintenance and operations funding (on a marginal basis) for new buildings.
  • Provides funding for implementation of Initiative 1433 which will increase the minimum wage incrementally beginning January 2017 through 2020.
  • Increases the state employee health insurance funding rate from $888/month to $970/month per employee in fiscal year 2018 and to $1,029/month per employee in fiscal year 2019.
  • Expands the State Need Grant program to serve an additional 14,000 eligible students annually.

Capital Budget

Governor Inslee's proposed capital budget actions include:

  • Funds $58.9 million construction of the Plant Sciences Building
  • Funds $3 million design of the TriCities Academic Building
  • Funds $4.9 million renovation of STEM Teaching Labs/Building Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Funds $500,000 predesign for the Vancouver Life Sciences Building
  • Funds $33.202 million for Minor Capital Preservation

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