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COMPROMISE BUDGET 2019-21 Biennium

The Legislature approved compromise budgets April 28th, the last day of the regular legislative session. The budget is now on its way to the Governor for signature.

Operating Budget

The compromise operating budget includes:

  • $10.8M for the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine to complete funding for four cohorts of 60 students each.
  • $3.6 M for the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine to expand to 80 students beginning Fall 2019.
  • $15.4M for compensation for faculty and non-represented staff. WSU requested $38.4M to fund two increases of 4% each.
  • $5.3M of compensation and central services support (Foundational support). This funding is provided in recognition that compensation and central service costs assumed to be paid from new tuition in the budget exceed estimated increases in undergraduate tuition.
  • $.5 M for a soil health research and extension initiative.
  • $1.4M for maintenance and operations of new state buildings to be completed in 2019-21.
  • $1.4M for administration of a solar energy program by the WSU extension energy program.
  • Funding for miscellaneous bills around children’s mental health, domestic violence, and opioid overdose medication.
  • Funding for the William D. Ruckelshaus Center to study higher education data transparency and support the Washington State Criminal Sentencing Task Force.
  • The budget also expands the Washington College Promise Scholarship (formerly State Need Grant) to serve an additional 6,000 students in AY 2019-20, and an additional 12,000 students in AY 2020-21.


Capital Budget

The compromise capital budget includes:

  • $36.4M for construction for Global Animal Health Building II
  • $27M for construction of Tri-Cities Academic Building
  • $500K for predesign funding for Spokane-Biomedical & Health Sciences Building II
  • $10M for Everett real estate acquisition
  • $21.4M for minor capital preservation
  • $5.3M for minor capital program/omnibus equipment
  • $10.1M for routine facility preventative maintenance