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State Appropriations
$ in millions
WSU Request BudgetGovenor's Proposed BudgetCompromise Budget
2021-23 Maintenance level $565.2$567.3$566.9
Cybersecurity Degree Program
Compensation Support $9.37$7.17$7.37
Pharmacy - Behavioral Health

Prepare Future Doctors-$0.50-
WA State Academy of Sciences --$0.61
Hazing Prevention --$0.12
Apprenticeships & Higher Ed --$0.08
Agriculture/Industrial Symbiosis
Organophosphate Pesticides --$0.50
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners --$0.12
Stormwater Research --$0.19
Commercial Fishing Gear Review --$0.18
Criminal Sentancing Task Force --$0.22
WSU Energy Program--$0.39
Cannabis Revenue - Research --$0.04
Collective Bargaining $0.24$0.15$0.13
Central Services & Other
Total 2022 Supplemental Budget (State Appropriations) $580.7$580.6$580.9

2022 Supplemental Budget – House and Senate Conference

The Washington House of Representatives and Senate reached a compromise and passed the Conference version of the 2022 supplemental budget on March 10, 2022. Overall, the total biennial state budget grew from $59.1 billion to approximately $64.0 billion. The bill will go to Governor Jay Inslee for action, who may sign the bill into the law without changes, or veto all or parts of the bill. If the bill is not acted upon within 20 days, then it becomes law.

The Conference budget includes the following items for Washington State University:

  • $7.5 million in compensation funding including WFSE and WSU Police Guild collective bargaining agreements
  • $2.05 million for a Cybersecurity Operations degree program, one of two cybersecurity programs proposed by WSU in its budget request
  • $341,000 for pharmacy behavioral health residencies, which fully funds the WSU request
  • Increased core funding for the Washington Academy of Sciences for which WSU serves as fiscal agent
  • Funding for various bills and other proviso funds for specific initiatives.

Additional appropriations for the higher education sector include $150 million in one-time funds to create a state-run low interest student loan program, and an increase of $34 million to the Washington College Grant.

Further information on legislative budget proposals can be found on the Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program Committee (LEAP) website:

Governor’s Proposed 2022 Supplemental Budget

Governor Jay Inslee released his 2022 supplemental budget for Washington on December 16th. The Legislature will convene for a Regular Session on January 10, 2022, which will run 105 days, to deliberate on state budget proposals and other bills.

The Governor’s proposed 2022 supplemental operating budget includes the following items for Washington State University:

  • $7.1 million to fund salary increases for non-represented employees
  • $4.4 million to fully fund WSU’s request to create two cybersecurity academic degree programs
  • $341,000 to create a pharmacy behavior health residency program
  • $500,000 for WSU to participate in a collaborative effort to provide mentoring, preparation, and career awareness for students of color in grades six and above who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine
  • In addition, funds were provided for collective bargaining agreements with the WSU Police Guild and Washington Federation of State Employees

Further details on the Governor’s proposed 2022 supplemental budget can be found on the Office of Financial Management website.