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WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Services and Activities Fees

Services and Activities Fees

The Services and Activities Fee (S&A Fee) is used to support nonacademic student activities, programs, and projects.  This fee is used to enrich the student experience through funding for student government, entertainment, student organizations, speakers, facilities, and recreation.  All campuses pay S&A fee; rates vary by campus.

Allocations of the Services and Activities (S&A) Fee Committee at each Washington State University campus are published in compliance with the requirements specified in RCW 28B.15.045, Section 11.

RCW 28B.15.041-045 authorizes this fee.

Allocations for academic year and campus can be found below.

2022-2023PullmanSpokane Tri-Cities Vancouver Everett Global Campus
2021-2022PullmanSpokane Tri-Cities Vancouver Everett Global Campus
2020-2021PullmanSpokane Tri-Cities Vancouver Everett Global Campus
2019-2020PullmanSpokane Tri-Cities Vancouver Everett Global Campus
2018-2019PullmanSpokane Tri-Cities Vancouver Everett Global Campus
2017-2018Pullman SpokaneTri-Cities Vancouver Everett Global Campus
2016-2017Pullman Spokane Tri-Cities Vancouver EverettGlobal Campus
2015-2016PullmanSpokane Tri-Cities Vancouver Global Campus

Services and Activities Fee Five-Year  Waiver History 

For More Information

Detailed Breakdown of Services and Activities Fee

Services and Activities Fee Guidelines

Services and Activities Fee Spending Guidelines 

RCW 28B.15.014 regarding Services and Activities Fee

Please contact Emily Green for more information.